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Club History

In 1978 the incoming district governor proposed sponsoring a new club. He approached Neil Dawber, President of the Port Natal Rotary Club to sponsor one. The area proposed was defined as the Bluff, Wentworth, Mobeni, Umlazi, Prospecton and Chatswroth. This area, under the old system, had been the territory allotted to Durban South Rotary who now became co-sponsors with the Port Natal Club. Extension Officers Otto Kealton, Ian Hoyer, Dennis Bagwan and Neil Dawber arranged meetings for prospective members. The inaugural meeting of this multi-racial club took place in the Outspan Hotel on Monday 21st May 1979 at 5pm. It was decided to meet every Thursday at 12.45 p.m. The Charter Dinner was held at the Elangeni Hotel on 29 September. The Name : Umhlatuzana, in Zulu, means "a forceful little river running through a forest" .

Our weekly bulletin, the Samachar, is named after a Gujerati word, which means "News". After an initial membership of 21 members numbers slumped to 12 hard-core members in 1982 but under the dynamic leadership of George Galonos rose to 17 in 1983 and currently is 21 again.

In the space of community service the club has involved itself in many areas, the largest project being the establishment of a crèche in Umlazi. The Ark is a recent area of attention. We have involved ourselves in the Youth Exchange Programme and the Group Study Programme. Members have served on both these committees at District level. We have also supported the district vocational programs and have sponsored pupils to leadership courses. An interact club is currently in the pipeline.

In 1987 a major change occurred when we converted to a breakfast club - the first in district 9270 and our venue at the point yacht club has attracted many Rotarians desiring a make-up. During our existence we have had 6 changes of venue and from being initially a lunchtime club, we briefly held meetings from 5pm to 6pm and then made the change to a breakfast meeting.

Club Address
Postal Address

Royal Natal Yacht Club
Wilson's Wharf

P O Box 50520
6:45 a.m. for 7:00 a.m every Thursday morning for breakfast

Denzil Dave Phil Richard Peter
Past President and present Rotarian Denzil Goodhead Former member, Dave van Maasdyk. Still resident in Kloof Past President Phil Evans (Deceased) Past President and present Rotarian Richard Naidoo Past President Peter Stewart. Presently resident in the UK