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Visit by Patricia Glyn - 6 February
What Dawid Knew - A journey with the Kruipers by Patricia Glyn, co-adventurer, professional speaker, former TV and radio presenter shared her trek through the African wilderness with Rotarians, family, Rotaractors and Interactors. The journey was to find traces of a long-dead Bushman by the name of Makai Kruiper - a legendary mystic, hunter and healer who roamed "The Thirst Land" a century ago. This is a story about just how much the Bushmen can teach us about respect for our natural resources and how to preserve them. For copies of Patricia's outstanding book, go to:
A Journey with the Kruipers"
by Patricia Glyn
Club President Bertu Moolman and PP Richard Naidoo thanking Patricia for her stirring talk on "What Dawid Knew - A Journey with the Kruipers"
Rotarian Jennifer Boughton, now resident in Toronto, wins our Swindle Wine draw - with PP Richard Naidoo, Club President Bertu Moolman, PP Dumisani Ndlela and PP Wally Pelser
Our Rotary Club was delighted to host Interactors and teachers from both Effingham Secondary School and Northlands Girls' School to breakfast to hear Patricia Glyn talk on "What Dawid Knew - A Journey with the Kruipers" With PP Richard Naidoo and Club President Bertu Moolman and Teachers Mrs Samantha Jones and Mrs Queeny Chandarman Northlands Girls High Interact Teacher Mrs Samantha Jones with Interactors — with Bertu Moolman.
To hear Patricia Glyn speak about "What Dawid Knew - A Journey with the Kruipers", a wonderful turnout by Rotarians, family and friends of Durban Thekweni, Kloof and Westville Rotary Clubs, Interactors from both Effingham Secondary School and Northlands Girls High School and Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of Amaoti
Edward Driver and the Death of the Xhosa King Hintsa - 5 December
Our guest speaker, A. D. M. (David) Walker is the author of Pawns in a Larger Game, a study of the history of the eastern frontier of the Cape Colony. Apart from this, his first venture into history, he is also the author of two research monographs and many scientific papers in space physics. He is Professor Emeritus in Physics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa. He lives with his wife in Durban, South Africa, and divides his time between research in space physics and investigating his roots in the Eastern Cape Province.
President Bertu Moolman thanking Prof David Walker for his talk
David's book is also available in the Kindle edition Alex Madikizela on left won our Swindle wine draw and is being presented with a bottle of South African wine by PP Alistair Abell, President Bertu Moolman and was invited by Rotaractor Alex Mito Khoza on the right
We welcomed our Rotaractors from Amaoti along with visitors from UKZN, DUT, KwaDukuza and Mtamvuna.
Guest Speaker: Ken Gillings - 26 September
Rotarian Ken Gillings of Bush & Battlefield Tours gave an outstanding talk and presentation on Heritage Tourism in KwaZulu-Natal. Pictured are Past President Dumisani Ndlela, Rotarian Andre Potgieter and President Bertu Moolman with Ken.
Guest Speaker: HAYLEY ARTHUR - 20 June
Former South African rower, Hayley Arthur will join 7 other Rhodes University graduates to row across the Atlantic Ocean in December 2013. Hayley and her crew mate, Thato, will be the first South African women to row across the Atlantic!

The team, as part of the the Ubunye Challenge, have set their sights on breaking the World Speed Record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and hope to raise money for charity in doing so.

Hayley spoke at theour Club meeting on the 20th of June to share her story, her involvement in the Ubunye Challenge and their goal to row across the Atlantic Ocean.

For more info, visit:
Guest Speaker Karabo Che Mokoape - 25 April
Guest Speaker Karabo Che Mokoape is a Durban based writer, speaker and social entrepreneur and his talk touched on the Social Contract and how we should better understand and work with Communities.
DGE Greg Cryer, PP Preggie Naidoo handing our Guest Speaker Karabo Che Mokoape a beautifully branded Durban Umhlatuzana mug and ceramic spoon whilst Club President Dumisani Ndlela and PP Wally Pelser who invited Karabo looks on.
Guest Speakers - 28 March
The Aamoti Youth Changers presented at this morning's Rotary Meeting PP Richard Naidoo, Sandra Govender of TAFTA, DGE Greg Cryer, Alex Khoza, President Dumisani Ndlela, Mzwa Mkhize, Othembele Ndaba and
Nkhosinathi Dakamnyama
Guest Speaker: Dr Sahal Yacoob - 7 March
Guest speaker at our Rotary meetingon 7 March was Dr Sahal Yacoob who spoke about Particle Physics in his talk entitled Making Elementary Lemonade. Present were Francesco Petruccione, Percy Govender and Preggie Naidoo
Guest Speaker - 13 December
What an honour it was to have the world famous poet and writer, Gcina Mhlophe as our guest speaker on 13 December 2012. As a popular storyteller, her talk was both insightful and entertaining. She spoke of her involvement in promoting the love of reading in rural schools.

Other guests present were:
Mrs. N O. Ngwane, Principal,
Odidini Jr. Primary School

Mrs. Bajabulile Msomi, Managing Director,
Asikhahlele ibhola Girls

Mr. Linda Mbonambi, Project Manager,
Ethekwini Municipality

Ms Charmaine Mthembu,
UKZN Student
President Dumisani Ndlela & PP Preggie Naidoo presenting Gcina Mhlophe with a Rotary mug
Guest Speaker - 22 November
Guest speaker Rotarian Les Hutton from the Rotary Club of Mount Edgecombe spoke about the Rotary Community Corps and the importance of rooftop gardens and food security. The Rotary Club of Durban Umhlatuzana will be involved in this project, with Past President Percy Govender and Rotarian Colin Francke representing our club in this endeavour.
Past President Percy Govender, visitor Christopher Dunn, Rotarian Alain Lenferna DelaMotte, Rotarian Les Hutton, Past President Alistair Abell and President Dumisani Ndlela with our gift of the Club's branded coffee mug
Guest Speaker - 25 October
Lenore Edwards of Zoe Life was guest speaker. Pictured are Rotarian Andre Potgieter and Past President Percy Govender with Lenore Edwards and Karin. For info on Zoe Life, visit
Guest Speaker - 11 October
Rodney Heathcote of Tribiking Adventure was guest speaker and received a branded Durban Umhlatuzana coffee mug from Past President Francesco Petruccione and Club President Dumisani Ndlela.
Guest Speaker - 11 October
Paddy Meskin who supports the Mavela Creche in Ndwedwe receives a SURVIVOR Drum from Rotarian Andre Potgieter and Club President Dumisani Ndlela.
Stephen Smith of the Holistic Lifestyle Centre ( was our guest speaker on 14 June 2012. The Expanded Awareness Programme presents everything that the conventional education system doesn't teach! He spoke about how we can encourage our youth to stand up for themselves and grab opportunities with open arms!
Left to right: Club President Percy Govender, Guest Speaker Stephen Smith and Past President Wally Pelser
Guest Speaker Topic: Blind Cricket! 10 May 2012

Did YOU know of BLIND CRICKET? It seems only our President Percy Govender had heard of it until the arrival of our guest speaker, Shane Mahabeer, arrived on 10 May 2012! Moreover, there is even a KwaZulu Natal Blind Cricket Association! Our local chaps have been invited to tour and play in Cape Town in a tournament. With the aid of several sponsors, they have paid for their transport, accommodation and board and leave Durban on Saturday 12th May.

Shane gave us all very interesting information about the rules, history and competitions for Blind Cricket. We have decided that we MUST attend a match when they return from their Cape trip and are all looking forward to seeing them in action. One can only admire how they have overcome their lack of sight, (which we sighted folk take for granted), to actually PLAY the game.

As their equipment is so specialized, they were in dire need of durable and practical bags in which to transport it. The bags that they were taking to Cape Town were in poor condition and they needed two replacement bags. The Rotary Club of Durban Umhlatuzana raised the necessary funds, to buy a brand new bag for them and Past District Governor Gerald Sieberhagen, as the president of the International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians, generously presented another bag.

From left to right: Past President Wally Pelser, Guest Speaker Shane Mahabeer and President Percy Govender.
Guest Speaker: Cherryl Curry
Rotary Club of Durban Umhlatuzana Plays host to Cherryl Curry of the Wilderness Leadership School, on Tuesday the 2nd of February 2012 at the Durban Surf Lifesaving Club at 07:00am, during the club's weekly meeting.

Cherryl has recently been appointed as the Senior Manager of the Wilderness Leadership School (WLS) and has been a consultant to them for the past 7 years, responsible for the School’s marketing and fund raising initiatives. In addition Cherryl is currently project managing the Mary Stainbank Gallery in the Kenneth Stainbank Reserve in Yellowwood Park, Durban. This is a project of the Wilderness Foundation and encompasses the formation of the Ndaba Nkulu Heritage Hub.

Cherryl’s efforts have been directed at raising awareness for the Wilderness Leadership School: a non-profit organisation founded 55 years ago by Dr Ian Player and his friend and mentor Magqubu Ntombela. The core activity of the WLS is experiential education and this is facilitated primarily through wilderness trails in the primitive areas of southern Africa. The iconic trail is the one done in the iMfolozi Game Reserve of northern Zululand.

Prior to her involvement with conservation, Cherryl headed up Diners Club International in KZN and the Eastern Cape. The topic for the talk:

A Natural Awareness: Society’s imperative

COP 17 was hugely influential in making the public at large aware of “green” issues and the need for sustainable living and the threat of climate change. For many, it has been a wake-up call that it is no longer “business as usual”. A shift in environmental consciousness has to take place in order that future generations have a planet to sustain. It was Ian Player’s vision over 55 years ago that led to the formation of the Wilderness Leadership School. Dr Player wanted to provide an opportunity for young and old to experience the wonder of walking on foot through some of the wildest places in southern Africa. This talk is about the simplistic philosophy that has seen over 60,000 trailists from all over the world exposed to the life changing experience of taking a “walk on the wild side”.
Guest Speaker: Emma Roos of Higher Ground
Emma Roos, Founder of Higher Ground shares her vision for the organization with Rotarians from Durban Umhlatuzana. On left Wally Pelser and President Percy Govender with Emma.
Guest Speaker Joanne Hayes: COP17 - 10th November 2011
Joanne Hayes of Tumbleweed Communications spoke to us on COP 17 and the positive media impact with President Percy Govender and Past President Alistair Abell.
Guest speaker: "The Role of the media" - 6 October 2011
Past President Deon Delport (Editor of the Saturday Independent) receives a Durban Umhlatuzana branded mug from Past President Wally Pelser after speaking to us on the role of the media – particularly important with the new ANC bill to stifle the role of the media in our society.
Guest speaker: "What is KwaZulu-Natal exporting?"
Guest speaker Francois Bietrix from TIKZN, Rotarian Barry Schoeman and President Percy Govender. Francois' topic on Thursday morning, 13 October 2011 was "What is KwaZulu-Natal exporting?"

Pastor Leslie James visits our Club
Pastor Leslie James of the William Carey Mission in Verulam was the guest speaker at our Club on 29 September. He spoke about the Mission and its role in training young people in Christian Ministry at its base in KwaZulu-Natal. These trainees being from not just Africa, but from Asia as well. Among the skills taught throughout the year-long course, are setting up schools, creches, vegetable gardens, etc. for communities.
The William Carey Mission received a mast from a District grant, as well as from the joint efforts of two Rotary Clubs - Hong Kong and Gimli in Canada - to allow them full Internet connectivity to enable them to develop their international reach.
From left to right: Greg Cryer, Pastor Leslie James, President Percy Govender and Alan Longhurst
Affordable Instant Meals with Maxi Mix
Mr. S. Schutte from Maxi Mix Foods explains his business idea to offer affordable instant meals. A family of four would need 150 Rand to cover one meal per day for a whole month. Mr. Schutte started his growing company Maxi Mix Foods at the end of the year 2006.
Mr. S. Schutte from Maxi Mix Foods
Greek culture at RC Umhlatuzana
Dimitri Papadakis and Sakis Tzampazlis were invited by Patricia Rickard to the club meeting on Thursday the 15th of November. Both are active members of the Hellenic Association of KZN which is based at the Hellenic Community Centre in Durban North. The Hellenic Association is sponsored by the Greek Education Department and promotes Greek culture and language. Rotarians enjoyed greek sweets whilst listening to a talk on Greek history and culture by Dimitri Papadakis, whose birthday was celebrated on the same occasion.
Guest Sakis Tzampazlis obtains prize from President
Francesco Petruccione after winning the swindle

Left to right: Guest speaker Dimitri Papadakis,
Rotarian Patricia Rickard, guest Sakis Tzampazlis and
the President Francesco Petruccione